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Hobson's Choice Saddlery Offers New, Used, overstock and Demo Saddles ...
Brands like Albion, Prestige, Roosli, Amerigo, Hennig, Passier, Fryso and More!

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We have a great track record for Selling Used Saddles! Our consignment form will now be available on-line for your convenience. Please contact us online for details or call 978-363-8881.

Corral Closeouts!

17.5/34 Barnsby LexusPhoto Icon
17.5 No. 3 LegatoPhoto Icon
17.5 XW Legato RS 2000 Photo Icon SOLD
18 M/W Henley Photo Icon SOLD
17.5 W Advantage by Stephan Peters, Demo model w/ splotches on leather Photo Icon SOLD
18 M Advantage by Stephan Peters Photo Icon

Amerigo Vega 18 Plus 2.5 tree (monoflap model, 1 left) Photo Icon
Konig's Ladies Boots size 10 X-tall, 9951-7-997-50-40, $799 Photo Icon
17.5 Legato M 3 yrs Photo Icon
18 W Amerigo VegaPhoto Icon
18 Kieffer Wein M/W
17 Roosli M (short billets) Icon Camera
18 XW Amerigo VegaPhoto Icon SOLD


18/34 Andrea Palladio Photo Icon SOLD
18/34 Prestige 2000DPhoto IconSOLD
18 W Frank Baines Reflex Dressage CC, 1 Flap  
18 Med Karl Niedersuss Jumping Accord (close contact)
17.5 W Verhan Hanover
17.5 W Legato Deep Seat, wide gullet Buffalo (overstock)
17.5 L'Apogee, Demo M/W
17.5 L'Apogee, Buffalo and Calfskin, W

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Albion Brentina Ultima, 17 M/W tree, 4 yrs. old
Albion SLK Ultima High Head 17.5 M/W Special Sale! Marked as Wide, but a size M/W
Albion SLK Ultima 17 W, 5 yo
Albion SLK Ultima 18 W, short flap (custom)
Albion SLK Ultima 18 W, 1.5 years old
Albion SLK Ultima 18 M, H. head, short flap Niedersuss Symphonie 17 N
Albion Classic demo 17.5 MW
Albion Platinum SLK Ultima 18 MW, 3 yr.s
Albion SL 18 MW, 2 yrs. old, very gd. shape
Albion SL 18 MW, great shape
Albion SL 17 MW, 3 yrs. SOLD Niedersuss Symphonie 17 N
Albion SL Regular Leather 17 MW (1 yr old, pristine condition) SOLD
Albion SLK 17.5 MW, 1 yr old, pristeen cond.
Albion SLK Ultima Bretina 17.5 W
Albion SL 17 MW pristeen cond.
Albion SL 17 MW very nice cond.
Albion SLK 18 M, new, slight dent in cantle
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 M Niedersuss Symphonie M 16.5
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 W (w/ hooptree)
Albion SLK Ultima 17 M/W (Demo model) SOLD
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 M, 2 yrs old. Very Good condition
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 Wide w. hoop (2 yrs old)
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 MW SOLD
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 XW SOLD
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 M/W, Blemished: cantle rubbed in shipping
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 W, 1 yr old
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 MW (demo model)
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 XW (demo model)
Albion SLK Ultima High Head 18 M
Albion SLK Ultima 18M/W (demo, nick in cantle) SOLD Niedersuss Symphonie 17 M
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 M/W Niedersuss Symphonie 17.5 M (newly re-flocked)SOLD
Albion SLK Ultima 17 W Albion SLK Ultima 17 W SOLD
Albion SLK Ultima 17 XW SOLD
Albion SLK Ultima High Head 17 W SOLD
Albion SLK Ultima 17 M/W Albion SLK Ultima 17 M/W SOLD Passier Grand Gilbert 16.5 M (like new)
Albion SLK Ultima Brentina 17.5 M/W SOLD Passier Grand Gilbert 17 W (brand new, one ride) Passier Grand Gilbert
Albion SLK Ultima 17.5 XW (Blemished: has white streaking on the leather) SOLD Passier Gr. Gilbert 16.5, Medium about 1 year old
Albion SLK Ultima Platinum 17.5 W SOLD Passier Grand Gilbert 17.5 W
Albion SLK Ultima 18 X-W Passier Grand Gilbert 17.5 W w/ gussets
Albion SLK Ultima No. 4 19 M/W (Demo) Passier Grand Gilbert, 17.5 M, Long Flap
Albion SLK Ultima 18 XW (demo)
Albion SLK Ultima 18.5 Narrow/Med
Albion SLK Ultima 18 W (demo) Passier Grand Gilbert 17 W, Deep Seat SOLD
Albion SLK Ultima, Low Profile, 17.5 M/W Icon Camera SOLD Passier Grand Gilbert 17 W Euro Deep CustomSOLD
Albion SLK (Cowhide), 18 W Icon Camera SOLD Passier Grand Gilbert 17 XW, Custom Deep Seat
Albion SLK (demo Model cowhide) 17 XW Passier Grand Gilbert 17.5 Med
Albion SLK (cowhide, very gd condition) 18.5 M Passier Grand Gilbert Deep Seat 17.5 Wide
Amerigo Close Contact 17.5 M/W, 3 yrs Passier Grand Gilbert Deep Seat 17 Medium (3 yrs old)
Amerigo Deep dressage (8 yrs. old), 18 W Passier Grand Gilbert Deep Seat 17, gussetted panels, Med
Amerigo Deep Dressage 17 M SOLD Passier Grand Gilbert 17.5 M/W w/ gusseted panels SOLD
Amerigo Deep Dressage 17 M (scratch on pommel area) SOLD Passier Grand Gilbert 17.5 W Deep Seatcamera icon
Amerigo Deep Dressage 18 W (repaired tear in seat) camera icon Passier Grand Gilbert 16.5 XW Deep Seat (nearly new)camera icon
Amerigo Deep Dressage 17 M/W SOLD Passier Optimum  17 M
Amerigo Deep Dressage 17.5 MW, 3 yrs. old Passier Optimum 17.5 W
Amerigo Deep Dressage 17.5 W SOLD Passier 18.5 M PSL X Long Flaps
Amerigo Deep Dressage 18 W Prestige 2000 D 16/33 SOLD
Amerigo Deep Dressage Cervia 17.5 M/W SOLD Prestige 2000 D 17/32 SOLD
Amerigo Deep Dressage 18 W Passier Optimum 17.5 W
Patrick Saddlery "Minx" 17.5 W, 6 mo.s old
Amerigo Deep Dressage 17 W SOLD! Prestige 2000 D 17/33Pristine Condition!
Amerigo Deep Dressage 17 XX Wide SOLD! Prestige 2000 D 17/34SOLD!
Amerigo Deep Dressage 17 Med Prestige 2000 D 18/32 Demo
Amerigo Deep Dressage 18 W, new, slight scuff at pommel and flap
Amerigo Pinnerello close contact 17 Med (1 yr old)
AVG Anky Bonfire 17 W Prestige 2000D (3 years old) 18/34
Arthur Kottas 17.5 MW No. 4 Fit Prestige 2000D 16/32 vy nice cond.
Arthur Kottas 17.5 MW No. 4 Fit SOLD
Arthur Kottas 17.5 No. 4 Fit (used, deep and cheap)
Arthur Kottas 17.5 M   SOLD! Prestige 2000 D 17/36
Arthur Kottas 17.5 M/W SOLD Prestige 2000 D 18/33 Camera Icon
Black Country Eloquence, 17 Wide Camera Icon SOLD Prestige 2000 D 18/34
Bates Innova size 2, 18 with extended blocks, Pristeen Condition
Bates Isabell 17 M adj. gullets Prestige 2000 D 18/35 w/ Leathers & Stirrups
Bates in Buffalo, 17.5 M/W (w/ changeable gullet system) Prestige 2000 D 17/35
Black Country Eloquence, 17.5 W, 1 yr old SOLD Prestige Grand 17/34 dark brown
Black Country Elegance 17.5 M/W (very nice cond.)
Bruno Delgrange 17.5 M (close contact w. skinny thigh blocks) Prestige Optimax (Demo) No. 3 18/34
Bruno Delgrange 17.5 M Prestige Top 17/35, dark brown, older but in super cond.
Bruno Delgrange 17.5 M (pencil blocks, great price!) Prestige Top 17/32 SOLD
Childeric 17.5 W wide gullet, gd shape
Cliff Barnsby Lexus 17.5 No. 4 Prestige 2000D 18/34 Camera Icon
County Competitor 18 W  SOLD Prestige Top 17/32 (Havana Brown)   SOLD
County Competitor 18 W, X Long FlapsSOLD!
County Connection 17.5 MW, 3 yrs old Prestige 2000D/Top Combo 17/33 SOLD
County Connection 18 M, 1" fwd long flaps, 4 yrs Prestige UK Elastic 17/33 SOLD
Custom Saddlery Advantage 18 M long flap, custom made
Custom Saddlery Revolution 17.5 M
DeVoucoux Mendia 17.5 M (mono-flap in pristeen condition) Regal Dressage Saddle 17.5 M/W tree
Duette Fidelio 18/38 Rembrandt "OS" 18 XW Adj.
Duette Largo 18/38 Rivella Dressage 17.5W
Fairfax, 17.5 W, 2 yrs. old
Fryso Legacy, 18 W, In nearly new condition Roosli (Demo) 17.5W
Fryso Legacy, 18 No. 4 (Demo) Icon Camera Roosli 17 M
Hans Spirig 17.5 Med Dark Brn Icon Camera Roosli Pilatus 17.5 M   SOLD
Hans Spirig 17 3/4 M/W Icon Camera SOLD Roosli Pilatus 17.5 M   SOLD
Hans Spirig 18 M/W SOLD Roosli 17.25 M/W Icon Camera
Hans Spirig 18 W Icon Camera SOLD Roosli 17.5 MW w/ fittings, short billets, brown Icon Camera
Henley Deap Seat, 18 M/W, deep & comfy (Demo) Roosli 17 W short billets, wide gullet, lovely cond. Icon Camera
Henley Demo Model, 17.5 No. 3
Hennig, 17 W w/ exterior blocks, About 3 yrs. old 17.5 Roosli M (short billets) Icon Camera
Hennig 17 N/M (smaller blocks) Roosli Classic Pilatus 17.5 M/W SOLD!
Hennig 17 W (block underneath) SOLD Roosli 17.5 W SOLD
Henley Monoflap 17 No. 3 Fit (Demo) Roosli Classic Pilates 17.5 W SOLD
Hennig 17.5 MW (block under flap)
Hennig 17.5 M (block under flap)
Hennig Sofa 18 M, long flap
Hennig Sofa 17 1/4 W SOLD Roosli Pilates 18 XW
Hennig Sofa 17 1/4 W with 15" Flap SOLD Roosli Classic Pilatus 18 M/W SOLD!
Hennig Sofa 18.5 M SOLD Roosli 17 M
Henley 17.5 M/W super deep & comfy Sale! Roosli Pilates 17.5 Med (Demo)
Hermes Corlandas Pristeen 17.5 M SOLD Roosli Pilates 18 XW short billets
Henri De Rivel, Paris 17.5 W Sankey Barracuda 17.5 M/W Demo
Hermes Corlandas 18 M, 1 yr old, nice cond. Sankey Barracuda 17.5 Medium, about 5 years old
Hermés Classic Dressage 17.5 M SOLD!
Schleese Infinity # 3, 17.5 (M/W) SOLD!
Hermés 17.5 M SOLD Schleese Wave # 4, 17 SOLD
Schleese Jess Elite 17.5 W 3 yrs
JRD 17.5 XW (fits wide Morgan) Like new! Schleese Jes 17.5 M/W
Kieffer 3000 17.5, Adjustable w/ Key (New) Schleese Wave, 17.5 M/W Adjust. tree, reflocked w/ gussets
Schleese Infinity # 4, 18 SOLD
Schumacher ProFi Dynamic 18 M/W
Kieffer Wien 17 M Schumacher Comfort 17.5 M (3/31) Black SOLD
L'Apogee 17 M, 3 yrs old Spirig Elite 17 M/W
Legato 17.5 No. 4, MW, 3 yrs old, Buffalo, deep comfy  camera icon Spirig Elite 17 M/W (short billets)
Legato 17.5 W   camera icon Spirig Elite 16.5 M Short Flap (14.5") camera icon
Legato 17.5 M (# 3)  camera icon  Spirig Lancier 17 M/W  SOLD
Legato 17.5 MW, 5 yrs old, slight cracking in seat  camera icon Spirig by Hans (havannah) 18 M/W camera icon
Spirig by Hans (short billets, gd cond., dark brown) 17.5 MW camera icon
Spirig by Hans (dark brown) 17 3/4 M/W
Stefan Peters Advantage 17.5 MW, 3 yrs, gd cond. camera icon
Stefan Peters Advantage 17 M camera icon
Stuebben Siegfried All Purpose VSD 18 31, Long Flp
Legato RS 2000 17.5 XW w/ Outer Thigh Block camera icon Theo Sommer Diplomat 17.5 M/W
Legato 17.5 M Deep Seat (#4) camera icon Theo Sommer Diplomat, X-Lng Flap, 17.5 M/W (deep)
Luc Childeric DAC 18 M camera icon SOLD Tony Slater 17 XXXW (brn, w/ pencil rolls) SOLD!
Luc Childeric 17.5 W Tony Slater 17XW (brown)
Luc Childeric 17.5 W, 2 yrs old Tony Slater 17XX Wide, Dark Brown w/ Skinny Thigh Blocks, cheap!
Luc Childeric 17.5, brown, M Trilogy, Debbie model, 18 MW, normal flap, 1 yr old
Trilogy, Debbie McDonald model, 17.5 XW, super cond.
Trilogy, Debbie McDonald model, 18 W w/ short flap
Max Benz Grand Prix Special 18 M (1 yr old) Verhan Hanover 17.5 XW
Max Benz 17 MW (some color fading) Verhan Hanover 17.5 W
Max Benz 18 M/W (GPS) camera icon Verhan Odyssey 17.5 M/W (13/28)
Max Benz Grand Prix Special 17.5 M camera icon SOLD Verhan Odyssey 18 W (w/ long flap) SOLD
Max Hopfner 17 M (Model F)camera icon SOLD Verhan Odyssey 18 W (13/30)
Verhan Maximum Free Shoulder 19 13/30
Verhan Odyssey 17.5 XW SOLD
Karl Niedersuss 16.5 M Verhan Odyssey 17 MW (pristine cond.)
Karl Niedersuss 16.5 M Verhan Odyssey 17.5 M/W, size 13/28
Verhan Odyssey 17.5 M (thoroughbred fit)
Windsor Blueline 17 M/W, almost new, lg blocks
Windsor Blueline, 17, #3, Supportive Block SOLD
Niedersuss 17 M w/ Flair Air Panel Windsor Green Line Elite 17.5 M SOLD
Windsor Elite 17.5 M SOLD
Niedersuss Symphonie 17.5 Windsor Elite (Good condition), 17 No.4 fit camera icon
Niedersuss Olympik 17.5 Normalcamera icon Windsor Elite 18 No.3.5 fit camera icon
Niedersuss Olympik 17 Wcamera icon SOLD Windsor Elite 16.5 M camera icon
Windsor Elite 18 No. 3 camera icon
Windsor Greenline 17.5 No. 3, gd cond. camera icon
Windsor Greenline 17.5 No. 3.5 camera icon
Albion Kontrol 17 W
Albion Kontrol 17.5 M demo, Sale!
Albion K-2 jumping 17.5 M
Albion K-2 jumping 17.5 M/W, 1 yr old
County Stabilizer 18 W
County Stabilizer, 17 W SOLD Prestige 17/34 Hunter Classic D SOLD!
Hill Fontaine Diane 18 M;
Prestige Andrea Palladio 18/34  Niedersuss Jumping 18 Med/Narrow
Prestige Nona Garson 17/34 SOLD! Stübben Siegfried VSD DL 18/31 (w/ leathers & girth) SOLD
Stübben Roxanne 17/32 SOLD Prestige Nona Garson - 17/34 SOLD
Albion Kontrol Deep Seat Jumping, Forward Flap, 17.5 MW (Demo, blemished) Tad Coffin Model A5, 18 M, very Forward Flap, Lg. Front Blocks
Albion All Purpose Medium 19 Ideal 17.5 M/W Brown 3 yrs
Arabian Saddle Co. All Purpose Solstice 17.5 M/N SOLD Keiffer 17 M/W SOLD
Arabian Saddle Co. All Purpose Solstice 17 M SOLD Kieffer AP, 17 M, w/ leathers and irons, Lovely condition
Arabian Saddle Co. 17.5 W Duration Endurance Saddle, 18 M/W (Demo)
Cliff-Barnsby 17.5 W, dark brown, pristine Ideal 18 W
Cliff-Barnsby 17.5 M (Emphasis on jumping in Choc. brown) Stuebben Siegfried VSD, 18/31 M, extra flap for tall rider

Used Saddle Trial Policy

Saddles are allowed out for a 3-day trial period. You may carefully attach your leathers and a roller-buckle girth and "test ride"  the saddle. Please call us after your 3rd day of trial (978) 363-8881 and let us know if you are keeping or returning the saddle.

If you are returning a saddle, we only accept return packages via UPS, FedEx, or US Postal Service. Be sure to insure the saddle for it's full value. A RETURN LABEL is on the green instruction form inside the box. Please use this label for return shipping. For environmental reasons, we ask that you please do not use styrofoam packing peanuts.

You will receive full credit if the saddle is in new condition and shows no signs of wear. Shipping and insurance charges are non-refundable. Customer is responsible for return shipping fees.

All used saddles are sold "As Is" and are non-returnable and non-refundable after you've made your final purchase.

Consigning a Saddle with Hobson's Choice Saddlery


Hobson's Choice Saddlery accepts pre-owned saddles for consignment. Please call (978) 363-8881 for an authorized consignment form. We accept Dressage, Jumping, and All-Purpose saddles for consignment. Please call ahead for phone authorization and a consignment form before you ship your saddle to us. You must provide the following information:

  • Brand
  • Age,
  • Serial number
  • Seat size
  • Tree size, and
  • Any alterations you've had done to the saddle.

Does your saddle have synthetic, wool, memory, or flair air panels? Some brands move more quickly than others, and some saddlesa re too old for re-sale. Hobson's Choice Saddlery will give you our honest opinion.

When consigning with HCS, your saddle will be posted to our website within a week of it's arrival, along with a photo. The HCS Pre-owned Saddles page receives approximately 700 unique visitors each month!  We also advertise in Dressage Today and various equine magazines. Your saddle may be included every other month in one or more of the magazines.

You may also go online and view your saddle to see if it has sold.

We appreciate your business and will try to find a "good home" for your saddle!

To book a Saddle Fitting Appointment, go to our Inquiries page or call 978-363-8881.

PLEASE NOTE: HCS does not have a saddle drop-off center. Our warehouse is not open to the public for picking up or returning saddles. Consignment saddles are accepted ONLY by prior arrangement. We do not take trade-ins on consignment saddles. We do not accept any saddle for consignment that is in need of tree repair or leather repair work.

Please carefully review our Saddle Trial Policy before requesting saddles for trial.

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