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Albion Saddles

Albion Saddles are rated No.1 at Hobson's Choice Saddlery for every level of riding. Whether you're into Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, or All-Purpose riding, we can select the ideal Albion saddle to fit both you and your horse.

Albion SLk Ultima Saddle Endorsed and influenced by world-class champion Klaus Balkenhol, the SLK Ultima model has remained one of the best-fitting saddles for both top professionals and adult amateurs alike. The unique design of the seat, twist, and thigh area allows the rider's leg to position close to the horse, without additional bulk. The Albion SLK saddle line offers a variety of tree sizes, suitable for the Baroque-style horsebreeds, as well as the refined warmblood type, including our American thoroughbred.

Albion Brentina Saddle offers the rider a straighter leg position and closer seat to feel the aids correctly. With a wide variety of tree sizes, panel shapes, flap placement, and seat options, the Albion SLK saddle line is versatile enough to fit any type horse! At Hobson's Choice Saddlery, we have had great success in saddle-fitting Friesian horses, Icelandic horses, Lusitanos, Lipizzans, and Andalusians in the Albion SLK, Albion SL, and Albion Brentina dressage saddle. *Visit our Dressage Saddles page to view Albion saddles.

Albion K-2 Saddle Line Offers 3 models
Albion K-2 GP Saddle or General Purpose saddle offers an open seat, slightly more forward cut thigh area and designed for riders who enjoy all disciplines of riding.

Albion K-2 Dressage Saddle is made with a half cut-back head, medium deep seat and comfortable supportive thigh blocks.

Albion K-2 Jumper Saddle provides comfort and balance at all levels of jumping disciplines. The medium deep seat and front and rear blocks provide secure and close contact.

Albion Jumping Saddles
Albion Kontact      *      Albion Kontrol      *      Albion Kontact Eventer
The full range of Albion Jumping Saddles provide both the rider and horse a level of comfort that is unsurpassed. The Albion Kontrol, the Albion Kontact, and the Albion Kontact eventer saddle will give you stability and security at all levels of jumping. At Hobson's Choice Saddlery, we can offer you extreme close contact, deep or flat seats, straight or forward flap options, in french calf, ultima, or printed leather. Ask us about the New Ultima Kontact Jumping saddle monoflap design.

Albion X Country Lite is a favorite for the event rider seeking a more moderately priced saddle.

Albion XC 5000 Hunting Saddle a very popular model and widely used for hunting, both here in the US and abroad. Supportive panels, a wide flat seat and forward flaps offer maximum comfort for the horse and rider spending hours in the field.

Albion Saddles in stock We try to keep a wide variety of tree sizes in stock to fit a wide range of horsebreeds. We include low and hi-profile trees, hoop trees, and several panel choices to fit the wider flater warmblood-type or the typical American thoroughbred. We are happy to work with you on a custom or semi-custom Albion saddle if you yourself have particular saddle-fitting issues. Most Albion models are available up to size 19" and are offered in full-grain leather, ultima leather, calf or french calf leather. Give us a call at 978-363-8881 to discuss your Albion Saddle needs or visit our New Saddles and Home page to view photos of Albion Saddles.

*Why not compliment your Albion saddle with a Humane Girth, pair of leathers, comfort saddle pad or Klaus Balkenol bridle from our Accessories collection?

*Hobson's Choice Saddlery also offers a vast selection of Used Albion Saddles. Check out our Used Saddles.

Saddle Fitting Appointments are available at your Barn. Go to our Inquiries page or call 978-363-8881, for an Albion Saddle Fitting.


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